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6th street for sure if you’re into the bar scene/nightlife. also, yelp is great for food recommendations. magnolia cafe, chilantro, and gourdough’s are some of my fav places to eat!

We’re staying by 6th Street (I think)! Thank you for the recommendations! Check your inbox. I sent you contact info if you want to hang out ^^

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i’m in austin!

:0 ! Any suggestions on what to do? What to avoid? Where to go? Want to possibly hang out Saturday-Sunday (maybe Monday)? Probably going to look for a hostel to stay in… :<


Hi, guys!

Randomly deciding to fly out to Austin for this upcoming weekend. Anyone want to hang out?! I’m taking my friend along too. 

Or maybe not? She’s kind of getting annoying asking the same questions over and over again… I know she’s not doing it on purpose but show some gratitude and act more cooperative — I gave you amazing flight benefits. Also, I’m not Google. You can look up basic things on your own, too.

** Edit: Ugh… as I’m typing this she is getting worse. Maybe I’ll just travel somewhere by myself. Where should I go?! Can I visit you?!


i wish these came in my size