(Relatively) New flight attendants are called “reserves”. You can be on reserves for a couple years or like 14 years — It just depends on random hiring pattern, current number of working flight attendants at your working “base” airport, and sometimes how long you’ve been with the company, and etc. I’m obviously still a reserve flight attendant.

Reserves have a certain number of set days off per month and for the rest of the month you’re on-call. Trips vary from one to four days. There can be one leg of flight per day or there can be six. Overnight layovers can be 9 hrs just enough to sleep or they can be 24+ hrs.

We are paid sort of like a salary but not really. We don’t get paid much at all! In order for reserves to make extra money, we can try to pick up trips to work on our off days but it’s very hard to do so. There are legalities revolving around how many hours you can work per day to how many days in a row you can work. It’s also difficult because it’s a first come, first serve style online trade board with hordes of poor reserves all trying to get the same trip! Once you have a trip, you can trade with others —namely the seniors who know their schedules months in advance and usually with good trips. In the whole time I’ve been a flight attendant, I’ve never bothered to try the trade board because it’s so brutal.

My first ever try at the boards this month and I managed to get a Boston two day trip! Woohoo! But somehow I managed to trade it for a London trip! Then turned it to a Frankfurt trip! Then into a Madrid trip! Then into a Lisbon trip! (Amongst the international trips, which all have atleast 24+ hrs, some internationals are considered better and harder to get than others. I’d love London but I could get that again whereas continually down the line of my achieved trips, they are more and more rare). And then I also managed to pick up a separate Brussels trip! Two international trips from the board in one month is amazing luck & a ton of extra bonus check money!

So, for now, I’m set to go to Lisbon & Brussels this month. On the 8th and 23rd, respectively. But who knows! Maybe I can keep trading up & get an even more amazing trip! (Athens, Rome, and Venice are notoriously difficult and rare to get as reserves!)

Sorry I wrote so much but I never really talk on here & yeah… :X

I thought they were cute. I don’t know.

Abandoned honeymoon resort, Pocono Mountains

Kawaii Bunny Stickers
sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! good for you!

Thank you! It’s kind of fun not beating up yourself, huh? I hope you are having an amazing (or content. That’s just as good too!) week!

I’m laughing and not beating myself for once.

Came to visit home in Maryland for a few days off.

Managed to get a London trip for work right before I left Philly.

I think I lost a tiny bit of weight, or atleast I don’t feel *as* pudgy lately.

Drank too much. Went out with a few boys. Fell into a literal hole (filled with rain water). Sang my first open stage karaoke at a bar. Leaned on a fold out table that collapsed and fell at karaoke. Switch bars. Hang out with a cute boy then run into different boy that I kind of want to break it off with (Not that it’s anything big, we’ve just spent a few days together. I didn’t even really like him in the first place? Just kind of happened and I went along.). Kissed too much. Wake up with bruises and even some light baby hickeys (I’m reverting back in years, apparently. Welcome Teenage Andrea).

I’d normally be mortified at myself but this time I’m laughing…!

Back to work for a couple days then I think I’m going to sneak off to San Francisco for the day/night to eat dinner, watch a comedy show, and drink with a couple friends there!

****Actually, I think I’m being kinder to myself for being silly because if I do have embarrassing night, I can easily just lay low and avoid one state for awhile (Just play in another state… or country!) until it’s forgotten haha. Perks of being a flight attendant.

Okay, bye!

Okay, I’ll stop the Instagram photo dump for tonight (Sorry)!

My most recent favourites are the rhinstone bejewelled burger, cute kitchen knives and the Frankenstein-ed emojis :)