"What’s your favorite thing about her?""Her intelligence.""What’s a time that she really impressed you with her intelligence?""Every single day. She’s the CFO of my company."

lesterthemolester asked: how is being a flight attendant?

It’s so cliche to say but like anything, it has it’s ups and downs. It’s tough being a reserve (what newbies are for years) because the on-call scheduling is really frustrating. I also hate Philadelphia (I moved for work) but as of now, it’s the best base I could be at since I want international flights! I wish I liked this city. This job would be way more enjoyable since I could kill time better and be happier but oh well…

Money is also tight and I need more books to read (maybe invest in an e-reader?) but the job itself isn’t terribly difficult.

Thank you for asking!! :D